Tell us about one medium, technique or style that you would like to try working with (that you have not tried before) and why you would like to try this.

I would love to try Encaustics painting. The idea of using heated, pigmented wax is intriguing to me. I've played with crayons, but it isn't quite the same as Encaustic painting. Using a heating plate and heat tools to create colorful works of art...well, I just think it would be a lot of fun. I have seen works by artists using this medium and really love their results.


How do you make time for art?

I am truly blessed to be able to make time for art whenever I can make my body move freely. I suffer with chronic pain daily and when the mood strikes, and I can get this old body moving, I am there doing what I love best, other than enjoying my grandsons! Art is second best, of course.


If you could spend 24 hours with one artist, living or historical, who would you want to spend the day with and why? What would the two of you do?

Wow! That’s a loaded question. There are so many amazing artists, living and dead. But for me, the ultimate artist is the Creator of the universe! I spend every day with Him already, in spirit, but if I could see Him face to face for one day while I’m still on this planet, I would ask Him a lot of questions, for sure! I think the two of us would collaborate on a large canvas painting and I would paint whatever He would give me direction to paint. It would be in 3D of course! That would be awesome!


Do you have any tips or advice for aspiring artists?

I think the most important advice for me to share is, to not let anyone tell you that you will never be good enough in your artistic pursuits! Even parents can damage a budding artist’s passion so that one will not try to be what he/she was meant to be. Whatever your passion is, be it in the arts or anything else, never give up shooting for the stars and reaching your goals! And it’s never too late to start again! Grandma Moses started painting when she was somewhere in her 70’s, I think, maybe even older, and sold her first painting at the age of 79! So make art as much as you can, for as along as you can!